The things you didn`t know about Adolf Hitler

The Nazi dictator was reponsable for the deaths of six milion Jewish people during the Holocaust and despite the fact that he is one of the most documented men in history, there are still a few things about him that people don`t know.

Hitler was rejected from art school more than once

Adolf Hitler applied to art school twice and he was rejected. The second time he was rejected so hard that he wasn`t even allowed to sit in on the entry exams.

He practiced his speeches by taking photos of himself

Adolf Hitler was obsessed with his image and that`s why he had a photographer, Heinrich Hoffman who took him photos while he was making speeches.

Hitler was a vegetarian

Nazi dictator was a paranoid person. So paranoid that he employed food tasters who had to taste the food before him.

Adolf Hitler slept a lot

Hitler was suffering from insomnia and the reported regular badtime for him was around 4 or 5 in the morning, but he loved to sleep and he often stayed in bed late in the morning.

Hitler was a real Don Juan type

There were a lot of women who loved Hitler, included his niece. These women all shared one passion: suicide. The first girlfriend of Hitler committed suicide and the other stories were no different. Adolf Hitler really had an effect on women.

Hitler had a crush on a Jewish girl

Maybe it sounds crazy, but Adolf Hitler fell in love with a Jewish girl at school. Her name was Stephanie Isak and she never knew about his feelings because he was very shy at that time and he never told her about his love.

He had only one testicle

so many people think that this defect provoked his inferiority complex. He was injured when he was fighting for the German empire during World War I and the doctors had to remove one of his testicles to save his life.